Department Information

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Department of Amirkabir University, with more than 35 years experience in training experts is  unique in the country regarding being comprehensive and its variety of fields, as well as research and educational facilities.

Graduates of this department are able to manage operational and research projects in fields such as exploration, extraction and processing of minerals, metals extraction industry processes, forming and shaping of metals, as well as optimizing material properties and producing new materials.

The general trend of faculty research activities is to familiarize students with issues and difficulties of mining and metallurgical industry, emphasis on practical research, promote and develop the spirit of research and innovation, improve the quality and quantity of training courses and provide relative facilities for the participation of teachers and students in internal and external seminar and presenting scientific articles in prestigious international journals and recently, the faculty in this area has had a increasing growth.

To improve the connection with industry, there exist a Committee in the department as "Industrial Relations", which has been signed research and educational cooperation agreement with many research centers, ministries and industrial enterprises so that the industrial contracts signed in this department during the past few years, has had remarkable growth regarding the number and total amount.

• Chair: Dr. Homayoon Katibeh

• Associate chair for Education: Dr. Sadegh Firoozi

• Associate chair for Research: Dr. Ardeshir Hezarkhani

• Associate chair for Finance and Administration: Dr. Hamed Molladavoodi

• Director of Graduate Studies: Dr. Nader Parvin

• Director of industrial relations: Dr. Amirreza Azadmehr

Director of Mine Extracting group: Dr. Davood Molladavoudi

Director of Mine Exploration group: Dr. Abbas Maghsoudi


Director of Rock Mechanics group: Dr. Ali Mortazavi

• Director of Metallurgical Engineering group: Dr. Sadegh Firoozi



Department History

The department of mining and metallurgical engineering was founded in 1974 as the Mining Engineering and Metal Extraction Institute and offered an undergraduate program in mining exploitation. A few years later, two postgraduate programs mining exploitation and exploration, and another undergraduate program mining exploration were launched. We are honored to be the first mining department to offer a PhD program in 1996. The rock mechanics postgraduate program was founded in 1992 and petroleum engineering in 1991.

In 1993, metallurgical engineering program was founded in post graduate level and the next year two majors in undergraduate studies “Industrial Metallurgy” and “Extractive Metallurgy” were founded in our department. In 2005, PhD program in metallurgical engineering was established.  Currently our department offers three Masters degree programs: “Materials Characterization and Selection”, “Metal Extraction” and “Welding Engineering”.

In 2006, after offering a PhD program in mineral processing, this department had six programs to train PhD students. In 2009, after adding a postgraduate program in “Welding Engineering” the department offered seven postgraduate programs. Annually, about 110 undergraduate and 90 postgraduate students in 7 programs enroll in our department. Recently, after establishment of four new labs “Nano technology”, “Geotechnics”, “Foundry” and “Welding”, the number of our labs reached the number 30 that based on labs variety and facilities, is one of the most unique and greatest in our country.



Department Honors