Name:Ali Reza Ebrahimi

Responsibility: Research Group Director of Graduate Studies

Name:Amirreza Azadmehr

Responsibility:Supervisor of Mining Students' Training

Name:Davoud Haghshenas

Responsibility:Associate chair for Finance and Administration Director of Student’s Affair

Name:Milad Rezaei

Responsibility:Olympiad Advisor

Name:Eslam Ranjbarnodeh

Responsibility:Supervisor of Computer Center

Name:S. Hadi Tabaian

Responsibility:Director of Metallurgy Group

Name:Majid Ataee Pour

Responsibility:Departement Chair

Name:Ali Farzadi

Responsibility:Supervisor of Metallurgy Students' Training

Name:Ali Mortazavi

Responsibility:Director of Rock Mechanics Group


Responsibility:Director of Mine Extraction group

Name:Abbas Maghsoudi

Responsibility:Director of Mine Exploration group Supervisor of Extinguished Students

Name:S. Pirooz Hoveida Marashi

Responsibility:Associate chair for Education