Name : Mohammad Ebadi

Responsibility:Master of Educational Assistant - Network Administrator and Computer Center Technician - Numerical modeling laboratory & computational center supervisor

Phone Number:64542964

Name : Masoomeh Fallahi

Responsibility:Educational assistant - Geochemical laboratory, Instrumental analysis lab technician

Phone Number:64542919

Name : Zohreh Tavakkoli

Responsibility: Network administrator and computer center technician

Phone Number:64542964

Name : Zohre Aghabarari

Responsibility:Undergraduate studies coordinator

Phone Number:64542924

Name : Mohammad Reza Aslani

Responsibility:Educational officer - Administrative officer (research affairs)

Phone Number:64542966

Name : Rezsa Bahrami

Responsibility:Educational assistant - Metal forming, Powder metallurgy, Extractive metallurgy and Welding lab technician

Phone Number:64542923-64542976

Name : Mostafa Chegini

Responsibility:Educational assistant, Mineral processing and heavy medium LAb technician

Phone Number:64542943

Name : Maryam Faghihi

Responsibility:Educational assistant - Undergraduate studies

Phone Number:64542924

Name : Shohremaryam Farsi

Responsibility: Educational assistant - Graduate studies

Phone Number:64542960

Name : Abbas Goodarsi


Phone Number:64542922

Name : Khadijeh Haghsheno

Responsibility:Graduate studies coordinator

Phone Number:64542960

Name : Akbar Mahdiloo

Responsibility:Educational Assistant, SEM technician

Phone Number:64542917

Name : Davood Molaei


Phone Number:64542951

Name : Davood Moradiseresht

Responsibility: Supplier, Warehouse clerk

Phone Number:64542946

Name : Mohammad Mosayebi

Responsibility:Educational assistant, Thin section and Mineralography, geophisics, petrology, ventilation Labs technician

Phone Number:64542916

Name : leila Peykrayegan

Responsibility:Educational assistant, Chemical analysis and Nano technology lab technician

Phone Number:64542919

Name : Fatimah Shirjafari

Responsibility:Administrative Secretary

Phone Number:64542900

Name : Zavan Vartan

Responsibility:Educational officer - X-ray lab supervisor

Phone Number:64542918

Name : Hamid Zohrevand

Responsibility:Educational assistant, Mechanical metallurgy, Solidification and casting, and students project Labs technician

Phone Number:64542957

Name : gholamhossein alizadeh

Responsibility:Educational services

Phone Number:64542924 - 64542944