Seyyed Ehsan Mirsalehi

Academic Degree : Associate Professor


Phone Number: 64542978

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  • Educational Record

1- Extinguished Graduate of Ph.D. in University of Tehran

2- Excellent Degree for Ph.D. Thesis

3- Ranked Second in Ph.D. Entrance Exam of University of Tehran

4- First-Ranked Graduate of M.Sc. in Sharif University of Technology

5- Exempted from Military Service because of Achievement of M.Sc. Entrance Exam Rank

6- 7th National Welding & Inspection Conference Appreciation because of Ranked First in M.Sc.

7- Secretary of Materials Engineering Scientific Association in B.Sc. Period

8- Commission Chairman for Two Iran National Standards

9- Meeting Requirements of Elites National Foundation

10- Member of Bright Talents